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WSD Shizun Design Create Infinity, Explore the Diversity of Life

Do you think this is contradictory? But I thought this is life, encompassing all things, with vivid days hidden within them.
“There was a small entry in the mountain, and it seemed as if there was light… After walking a few dozen steps, it suddenly opened up, with green meadow and beautiful flowers falling like rain.” With the imprint of a modern city, exploring another way of life.

Design elements should not be enclosed or restricted. They should welcome and awaken the soul with a strong sense of belonging. In WSD’s designs, diverse exploration and infinite variation are everywhere. Innovative design is reflected in the use of jade-like green stones for the gaps, and the transformation of the Lingnan architectural element of the “Huo Er” into a decorative painting, breaking through the original boundaries and telling new stories in new forms.

Colors and personality are created through sensory experience. Here, individuality is revered, and subversion and avant-garde are embraced, pursuing a new journey of artistic dialogue with life. Through a sensory understanding of the world, breaking away from mainstream design rules, blue-gray, Dandong green, champagne pink, and gilded colors are viewed through a rich and innovative perspective to form an unprecedented unique style, expressing the attitude toward life.
At this moment, come back from the hustle and bustle of the world, hiding away in a seaside home. The taste of whiskey spreads from the tongue to the space, and the melody and slow jazz come from the record player, running along the sea breeze towards the mountains, just a moment of thought. But it has already been recorded through the lens of life and can be forever preserved in time and space.
“The shallow water is noisy, while the deep water is silent.” The tranquil earth tones unfold in an orderly manner in space. The combination of black and natural wood colors creates a calm, humble, and elegant state. The gradual transition and interplay of light and shadow within the same color scheme create a natural and humanistic atmosphere, presenting a cinematic emotional tension. The stories about homes and life continue endlessly in the space.

Through a window, what kind of world can you see? Unlike the panoramic view of a floor-to-ceiling window or the dullness of a casement window, Venetian blinds offer a subtle visual experience. The interaction of light, shadow, time, and people seems to enable us to touch the essence of life simply by reaching out our hand.

As 2023 marks the brand strategic upgrade year of WSD, we hope to examine the present and future of living spaces through a diverse, innovative, and boundless perspective. We look forward to conveying design value to life through delicate, warm, youthful, fashionable genes, and natural and humanistic context. This is just the beginning, as we will explore more diverse spatial designs and pursue a better living environment and lifestyle with the new generation.

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