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Xie Disheng_1000² top-floor duplex

Breaking the cocoon to become a butterfly is a process of static to move, complicate to simple, which is akind of power, a kind of strength, a kind of energy flow.
Everything has cracks That’s where the light comes in. Scale boundary, geometry, order, repetition, light and ritual.
Design is a field to experience the wisdom of life. Influenced by the British minimalist master John Pawson, in his view, space, light, proportion and materials are the whole of a design. The pursuit of simplicity and purity, the overlap of geometry, and the change of light and shadow form many wonderful and interesting spaces.
the flow and real existence of life from a simple daily life, behind “The greatest truths are the simplest”is the endless thinking hidden in nothing, space is the carrier, life is the content, inclusive and open, whether it is the bearing of space or the return of spirit, it is a kind of gentle existence.
The biggest highlight of the space is the super-scale staircase connecting the upper and lower floors of the space. It is written vividly in geometric language to create its quiet texture, blur the space boundary, and form a contrast betweenminimalism, creating a diverse experience scene.

The art of space lies in the creation of atmosphere, which is the narrative journey opened at the moment of entering the door. Between privacy and tranquility, there is a faint urban scenery.

The lines and volume of the wall frame the sunlight pouring into the space, passing through the walls and floors to filter the light and shadow, to find new order from the repeated life, and to create new laws. Just like the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi, in his repeated description of home, the perception of home brings us different definitions, but also explores the truth after the formalism has faded.

The deconstruction theory of new cubismis not only about forms, but also about the relationship between people and residence from the perspective of spatial layout. In this space that carries history and present, it is necessary to preview the infinite possibilities of the future, reconstruct the design aesthetics, and realize the demand-boundary explored by residents.

This is an era of extremely rich and diverse information. We are absorbing and decomposing hundreds of millions of information every day. It is undeniable that we live in the cocoon of an era. However, the breakthrough is not to look outside, but to look inside.

The exquisite space emotion is inward self acceptance, gentle and restrained without losing tension, and details are fully displayed to create the intoxicating beauty. The true spirit of freedom is found in the pure simplicity.

The natural tentacles of the frame scene inject interest and vitality into life, and quiet gradually emerges. The appropriate scale, volume and lines express the sense of existence of time and space.

With the moon lightgauze, the atmosphere is getting better and better, and the gentle breeze is drinking the pure joy. Above the city, you can feel the low-key and textured sensory experience, and perform the carnival of flesh and spirit.

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