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Burdifilek new design

Burdifilek is a Toronto based interior design studio co-founded by Diego Burdi and Paul Filek in 1993. They are happy to collaborate with talented creatives, their designs and products have a strong sense of complexity and originality, but more inspired by interesting experiences in travel and a positive focus on the art and craftsman spirit.
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It is a private residence designed by a philanthropist who regularly hosts concerts and dinners, as well as supporting various charitable works. In order to create a comfortable living space, Burdifilek mainly uses natural wood, stone, milky texture paint and other soft main tone, and creates a certain visual fluidity, while customized texture finishes give each room its own mood.
sofa design
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The foyer has a minimalist fireplace covered in the same French limestone as the hallway floor. The design is connected by a convenient moving line, allowing the owner to access the recreation room directly from the entrance, while the glass door opens to the outdoor leisure space.

Each level of the house has its own private Spaces, including an indoor pool and a family room. The master bedroom opens onto a compact garden with small compartments for the owner’s morning coffee brew. The open bookshelves in the study are made of natural wood, which is combined with the delicate touch of the desk leather desktop, as if to capture the spatial experience of being in the library.

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